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Sweet Home

Sweet Home

On the first floor, the sweet home living room combines the sleek, clean lines of Italian design with a riot of color from the large artworks that take center stage.“The paintings are the focal point here, and the furniture needs to take a step back to allow them to speak for themselves.” Their color palette has been carried throughout the design scheme, including the cushions, accent stools, and even the flowers, resulting in a room full of drama, energy, and warmth.

The playroom that leads out into the garden, as befits a home-centered family life, provides a final, more playful lesson in color. The room was designed to bring the garden inside and provide a dedicated space for the family to play, draw, paint, play ping pong, and hang out.

“The lessons we learned from our clients about organizing and prioritizing family life were both inspirational and invaluable,” Sana says. “From start to finish, their dedication to creating a functional, happy, joyful homemade this project a pleasure.”

The red thread for this project may have started with a collection of vibrant art, but in reality, this is a story about a vibrant family life lived to the fullest, in glorious technicolor!

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