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Architecture & Design Services beautify your life & enhance your thoughts!


We Tackle The Most Challenging Designs

The world needs innovators and problem solvers who turn challenges into greater opportunities. We have an insatiable curiosity about transformative trends challenging the status quo: Urbanization. Water scarcity. Climate change. Digital proliferation. Security.

Planing & Designing

Constructor explains how you can enjoy high-end flooring trends like wood.


Professional construction services from house renovations and remodeling.


Our highly educated staff will make sure that your project will be finished on time.

What we can do?


Residential Interior

The home should be the treasure chest of living.


Commercial Interior

Listen to the building and the project rather than impose a specific style and design on it.


Modular Kitchen

Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.


Space Optimization

Space is to place as eternity is to time.


2D & 3D Visualization

Our architectural philosophy has always been to create one-of-a-kind designs.


Civil Construction

We shape our buildings, and they shape us in turn.


Landscape Design

The landscape design process is a collaborative effort between the designer and the client.


Turnkey Solution

Everything you want is taken care of by us.


Design Proposal

Achieving our goals for each of our clients.


Selection of material

We mastered is critical for ensuring that your home has a consistent look and feel.

We provide design services in the following markets...

High-end residential spaces such as flats, bungalows, villas, farmhouses, weekend homes, and so on.

Commercial spaces that are impactful and lively, such as small workplaces and corporate offices.

Hotels that are relaxing, restaurants that are welcoming, and spas that are decorative are all available.

Clinics that provide a comfortable and quick healing environment to hospitals.

The auditorium, studios, and performance theatres are all linked together.

Steps to improve the design process and bring it to a successful conclusion

About Us

Site visit & free consultancy

The initial stage is to meet and greet. Understanding your preferences in terms of requirements. We give you ideas to visualize the design-related parts, to assist you in understanding Vastu, the period of the design with the execution part, and a preliminary discussion on a budget before moving on to the next process.

About Us

Estimation & costing

We are putting in a lot of effort in the second stage to estimate the cost of your project, so we need to charge for it. This includes project cost forecasting, understanding the materials and their brands, labourer and contractor charges, professional charges, indirect or back-end expenses, and documentation charges. Magical Divine Touch provides you with this information so that you can make a call to appoint you.

About Us

Concept creation

Following approval of the estimation and costing stage, the real process for site execution begins; that is, creating the concept to bring all of your requirements in the drawing form and obtaining your approval again.

About Us

Design development & site planning

Following the establishment of the concept, our project team expands the scope of your space by developing designs for space, features, and materials, among other things. This is the phase in which we collaborate closely with you to create on-site working documents. This explains the significance of design services for your website.

About Us

Allied works for the executions

We provide 2D and 3D images with walkthroughs based on your and the site's needs to get a sense of the designs. Magical Divine Touch sure that the site is inspected on a regular basis in order to coordinate with the contractors and the client on the next stages of work.

About Us

Team & execution empowerment

We collaborate closely with our contractors, subcontractors, and other related parties. Magical Divine Touch hires all labourers to work according to the specifications in the drawings and ensures that everything is done to your specifications and satisfaction.

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Project management

Our project manager is in charge of ensuring the smooth and timely execution of your project's construction management, such as accounting, finances, and material purchases. We are "on-call" to make site visits on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, depending on the needs of the site. & collaborate closely with all associations throughout the project's partnership.

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Project ending & reporting

“The Big Unveiling!” The delivery of a project is a critical turning point in the project as every last detail is finalized. During this time, we collaborate with other agencies and complete specific tasks such as shopping for accessories, finishing any last-minute touch-ups with labor, finishing the brand new furniture with great care, and cleaning and hanging every last piece of wall art. During this stage, you will receive a report on the total project cost as well as all as-built drawings.

Frequent Questions

All designers work differently. At Breeze Giannasio Interiors, first a short questionnaire and follow-up phone conversation will help us evaluate your project, and if we may be of help.

We maintain competitive design fees. There are a few ways that we charge but our design fee will typically have a combination of a fixed fee and hourly estimates.

It depends on the level you wish to take your project. If you have a specific design fee budget in mind, we are more than happy to prepare a proposal, stating what we can offer, keeping within your budget.

Before beginning work, you go through a detailed questionnaire that helps us get to know you better. We take a design fee retainer that is applied to your final invoice.

Exertion Interiors works primarily in Los Angeles and Hawaii with select engagements on the east coast.

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